Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Hindley Green

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Hindley Green

With a joyful heart, we love, learn and grow

“With a joyful heart we love, learn, and grow”

Swan Lane, Hindley Green, Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 4HD




In school phonics is taught everyday to the children in reception and KS1. Children continue to be taught phonics in key stage until they have succeeded in reaching the standard of the phonics screening check 


Phonics are the sounds that letters make. We build the sounds (phonemes) together to read and write words. 

In our school, we follow Supersonic Phonics. 

Why Supersonic Phonic Friends?

  • Supersonic Phonic Friends is designed and developed by Anna Lucas, a children’s author, a literacy specialist, Phonics’ expert and EYFS advisor. She is supported by team of highly experienced passionate teachers and trainers with first-hand experience of implementing the scheme.  
  • Child friendly characters and illustrations underpin our whole scheme. They are easy to remember with accompanying rhyming phrases that are consistently repeated in every lesson.  
  • Our scheme is committed to supporting child-led learning and the idea ‘play is the way’ in the Early Years Foundation Stage.  
  • Every lesson is fun and engaging. The lessons are enriched with movement, a fundamental pre-writing skill and maximising learning connections.


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