Year Two – Investigating Plants

Yesterday, we had a wonderful afternoon in the spring sunshine  exploring the plants that grow in our school environment. We spotted some different common flowers and plants and were able to recognise deciduous and evergreen trees around our school field. We even knew some of the names of different flowers, plants and trees. Miss Whitley and Mrs Holliday were very impressed!

We worked scientifically to observe different plants and used the magnifying glass to look closely at different parts of the plants structure. We recorded our observations by completing detailed observational drawings of leaves, branches, stems, flowers and whole plants. We found it trickiest to draw trees. We learnt the key words: leaves, flowers, blossom, petals, fruit, roots, bulb, seed, trunk, branches and stem and practised using these words to describe what we could see. We even completed some tree rubbings to compare the different kinds of bark and trunks on different trees. What a fun afternoon!