Year 6 trip to Fiddler’s Ferry

Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station.

On Thursday, 8th November, 2018 Y6 took a class trip to Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station as part of our geography topic – renewable energy.

When we arrived, we watched a PowerPoint about Fiddler’s Ferry and how it works. After that we made electric circuits {we had to light a light bulb and buzz a buzzer}, a hydro challenge {enough force to make a turbine turn} and finally, we made wind turbines.

Later, we did a quiz as a class on what we had learnt, we got 16/16! We made pylons with art straws and then we learnt about PPE- Personal Protection Equipment.

Finally, we had a tour of the site, we saw; 8 cooling towers, the coal field, the generators, pylons and the jet engines.

We really enjoyed this experience!