Year 6 Safer cycling

It was an exciting Monday morning as we brought our bikes to school and got told what groups we were in (A, B and C). Our instructors, Jez and Pete, came and took the first group. Half of the class went out onto the playground and went through what we could and couldn’t do. At the start of Level 1, we learnt how to do an M check, peddle ready and signals. Amazingly, everyone passed Level 1. On Tuesday, the class went onto the roads around school and did Level 2. We learnt how to do a U-turn and go past parked cars. On Wednesday, we learnt about how to turn into T-junctions and do a lifesaver look. On Thursday (our last day), we had a new instructor called Jessica. Jessica and Pete took group C out for an assessment on how well we were doing. Thankfully, all of Year 6 passed and we received a certificate and a badge. Over all we had a phenomenal time and we definitely recommend this to other people!

By Emily, Olivia, Sanchia and Freya.