Year 6- Golf Taster session by Alfie

Year 6’s Golf Competition.

Sanchia, McKenzie, Connor and Louis all attended a Golf competition at Astley Golf Range. I’ve asked them some questions about it. The main thing is that they all enjoyed it. It was another win in another competition for Sacred Heart. This is what they told me-

What competition did you take part in?

Obviously, they played Golf. They explained how they had wanted to play Golf because it was something different from their usual sports, such as-

Football, Rugby, etc. They felt confident about playing it and obviously they did very well by going ahead and winning it.

What/who was your team’s greatest strength?

Louis was probably their best player, as he had much more experience under his boot than everyone else had. They were all pretty much brand new to the game. Despite this, they all played their parts by going on to win the competition.

What area could you have improved on?

They said that hitting the ball more efficiently and further and standing in more of a correct position was something they could have improved on.

Did you enjoy it?

The group informed me that they did the most important part. Apparently, it didn’t take any effort to get into it and it was enjoyed by them all with ease.

What did you think of the competition?

They all said it was very competitive, and that added even more intensity to the competition. It was McKenzie who made the winning draw for them. But as I said before, they all played their important parts.

Alfie Hart-McGrath Y5.