Year 6 – British Values (Individual liberty)

Individual liberty is the right for everyone to be individuals.

Today we discussed clothes (where we get them from, how much we pay for them and how we dress). We debated 3 different ways of getting our clothes and which we felt was the best.

Option 1 was buying expensive clothes, we argued this was good because the clothes tend to be of a good quality and last for along time. Option 2 was buying cheaper clothes, we argued this was good because although the clothes did not last as long, as they were cheap you could replace them more often meaning you always had the latest fashion. Option 3 was getting clothes passed down from older siblings or relatives, we argued this was good because it saved money and it is good to recycle.

The majority of the class thought option 1 was the best, what do you think?

We also discussed the colour of the clothes we wore as well as the style. We agreed that everyone should be able to wear whatever clothes they wanted, in whatever colour they choose.