Year 5 Movie Makers!

Over the last half term, Year 5 have have been working in groups to create horror film trailers using iMovie.

We spent two lessons planning our scenes before we filmed. We had to consider all the shots as we had very little time for each shot. We planned our characters and the plot of our story.

Then it was time to film outside. We had to make sure all our characters and our scenes were set up ready for filming. We took it in turns filming the different shots – some were action shots, some were stills. We had to think about whether it was a solo or group shot. There were lots of things to consider to make sure the shots were perfect.We used different settings and different angles to film the various scenes.We made sure that our clips fit within the time frame and we had to re-shoot some clips that we wanted to improve.

We enjoyed making our trailers and look forward to watching all of them.!