Year 5 and 6 Rounder intra school competition

Year 5 vs Year 6:

Rounders Competition.

When our class (Year 5) came in yesterday morning, we were greeted with quite a “peculiar” lesson. It said exactly what the title of the blog is. Year 5 vs Year 6: Rounders competition. The name says it all, really. We hope you enjoy this very short blog.

We got changed about 4 hours later. The girls lined up outside class. The Year 6’s were lined up as well. Our class went first on the field and Year 6 followed. Mr Mann told us everything and we were ready to play.

First of all, Hayden (sorry if I spelt that wrong) was batting. He is good at batting, so everyone backed off, as they all thought that he was going to smack it to Narnia. So, because of this, he just tapped it next to him. Then he took off like Usain Bolt when he is sprinting a marathon. This happened with everyone who is known to be good at batting in Year 6.

The Year 6’s went by pretty fast. They got 23, Year 5 were exhausted. Now Year 5 were batting. Jake went first, smacked it to China but then had a mental breakdown because he forgot to touch 4th base. After a few people Alfie (my reporting buddy) went. He got half and then another half. Then, Austin got a full rounder. Now, it was Antoni’s (me) turn, Bethany threw the ball. It hit my bat but it didn’t go anywhere. I sprinted, sweat exploding from my hair. There was a ditch and my foot got caught in it. I stumbled but still ran. I couldn’t believe it, I did a full rounder!