Year 4 Footgolf

Dillon, Robert, Leyla and Nerbertus

Year 4 have learnt a new sport. Foot Golf. I have interviewed them and this is what they told me.

What is Foot Golf?

Well, Dillon explained that foot golf is normal golf but you use your feet instead of a bat. It is just like football they told me. You kick the ball lightly let it roll into the hole.

Who took you there and did you enjoy it?

First of all, Mrs Howarth took them there as she takes most people to competitions. She also took me, Spencer, Mohammed and William to a maths competition.

Who was the best in your group?

Dillon told me that Robert was the best because he scored the most points under his belt. Also, he was the most experience at it so he got the job done nicely.

Who taught you?

First of all, they told me that the person who taught them this was just called by them Mr Golf teacher. They didn’t give me any specific details about him so I’m going to leave it off their.