Y5’s visit to St John’s

On Monday 12th February, we walked from our school to St John’s Church of England Church. Once we got there, we were welcomed by Mrs Parr and shown into the church. Kindly, Mrs Parr answered our questions and she showed us the stained glass windows. Although they have stained glass windows worshipping God, they have no statues to show that they do not worship them. They don’t have Jesus on the cross like we do except for Good Friday because they believe that Jesus was crucified on Good Friday, he only needs to be on it then. They also use a portable font because their original font makes the room so cramped because of the amount of guests. We believe in the consecration but at St John’s they believe that the bread and wine are just representatives. We learnt new things that we didn’t know such as the vicar does the service, not a priest and it can be a man or a woman. St John’s don’t have a vicar at the moment, they rely on retired vicars to run the service. Also, Mrs Parr taught us that the choir were at the front, not the back. They have a ‘Tree of Life’ where you can write down special memories and events such as a wedding or a baptism. In St John’s church, they have an organist who plays the organ during service accompanied by the small choir (3 adults and 4 children). Mrs Parr is a warden and she works with Trevor Fisher to make sure the church is kept in order, makes sure the bills are paid and organises special events for families.

Year 5 learnt a lot at St John’s and headed back to Sacred Heart.

Written by all of Y5.