Y5 Spaceport!

On the 19th of July, Y5 went to Spaceport in Liverpool. We didn’t know what to expect!!! We started by watching a video about a rocket launching near The River Mersey. Then we went into a big area with many interesting facts about the earth, its atmosphere and different planets. Next we went into a dome (THE DOME SHOW) to see if there was any other life in space. It showed us things that could mean there is life elsewhere.  After all that, we went for our dinner but the surprise was we went on the Snow Drop (a very famous ferry) while it was moving. Next we went in a space shuttle simulator and it was very fun. As we were about to go Hayden said” HOLD ON TIGHT ITS GOING TO BE A BUMPY RIDE” and made everyone laugh. Then it was sadly time to go home after an amazing day.


By Jack and Hayden.