Y5 School of Military!

Today, everyone had lots of fun with the School Of Military.
As a warm up, the instructors made us run up and down the field. But even worse, when they shouted number 1, we had to touch the wet ground. On number 2, we had to jump up and when they shouted grenade, we had to get on our chests, and crawl on the filthy ground!!! EEEEWWW!!!!
We had lots of fun on the inflatable course with Martyn. Amazingly, there were 6 obstacles. Here’s what to do: you jump through the tight holes and then make your way through the punching bags. Adventurously, you climb over the bridge, crawl through the ‘tent’ and then climb up the slippery, difficult wall. Finally, you slide down the sloped slide and run back to your friends through the mushy, revolting mud. Martyn tried to get all 4 teachers to do the course, (we only wanted Mr Mann to do it!!!) Everyone cheered for Hayden who was racing Martyn through the inflatable course. Martyn made McKenzie, Oliver B.F and Hayden had to do some actual army training. That seemed hard!
Eventually, we went over to Danny. We had to work really hard as a team to finish the hard track. The team captains were: Aoife, Oliver Breheny and McKenzie. As teams we had to look at the equipment in front of us and take it all the way around the obstacles that were short a distance away. One of the obstacles were very hard. It was the Mine Field. This is where you have to take some of your equipment, put it in the middle of the Mine Field and carefully walk across. When you get to the end, you have to rebuild what you saw at the beginning. Everyone had a wonderful time with The School Of Military and we hope that they come back again.
By Nicole and Connor.