What a busy term!

We have had such a busy, fun and exciting start to our time in Year Two! Our first term together has flown by and we have done so many fun and amazing things together. We started our term by learning all about pirates! We did some amazing writing about “The Night Pirates” and even got to dress up as pirates too! We loved filming newsflashes about the pirates on the loose!!

In our science work, we designed a new pirate ship for the pirates and we built them together. The most fun part was testing out our pirate ships in the water tray with a hairdryer to see whether they would surive a storm and were waterproof and could float.

We also spent a long time learning a dance to Annie, “It’s a hard knock life” for the Dance Competition at Leigh Sport’s Village. It was really fun and we won the Spirit Award. The trophy was glimmering like the sun and we were so proud of our hard work! When we performed, we had to sing as well as dance so it was pretty exhausting! We wore scruffy, ripped clothes to look like the orphans from Annie.

In our very busy first term, we have also learnt all about “The Day the Crayons Quit!” We had so much fun dressing up as crayons and saying exclamation, question and command sentences! We LOVE doing role play in Year Two! We did some fantastic writing in this topic!

We have done so many fun things already and Miss Whitley, Mrs Holliday and Mr Gore were really proud of us! We can’t wait to have even more fun in Year Two after Christmas!

Year Two Class