The Quick Cricket Tournament

The Quick Cricket Tournament

Y5 and Y4

This was one of the most anticipated moments to have thought about since we started cricket with Mr Hardcastle a few years ago. The Quick Cricket Tournament. The idea was that we played a few cricket games before this in P.E. for Mr Garvey to see who is better than others. I nearly went to it, but Cameron threw the ball way too low and I couldn’t score any points in P.E. Sad I know. I hope you enjoy.

Monday 3rd June 2019

The day had come. Before the first bell went, the team was getting ready with their kits all in a box getting handed out by Mrs Howarth. I walked near them as they were putting their kits on. Fast forward a couple hours later at 12:34, they were having their final checks before they go. They had coats and water bottles and were stood in a line. That was the last time I saw them before the end of the day.

The line disappeared as Mr Monaghan was the final person in the line to be seen. They were playing near St Pauls vs Bedford and Westleigh they told me but they also said there were 6 other teams in the tournament. The first match was with Westleigh. The team played well they said and each person was a big part in the match. Natalia, when I was interviewing them, was screaming that she finally caught a ball. They won an astonishing 260 points to Westleigh. The next match was against Bedford. The results are still pending but the team inform me that they won. They came back happy about the tournament.

A few days later, the overall results were announced, our Kwik Cricket team have got through the Wigan Finals.

Good luck!!

Antoni Kempa Y5