The Nicole Interviews – The Life Caravan is here!!!

Steven’s interview.

Nicole: How are you today?

Steven: I’m good thank you.

Nicole: What’s it like to work at the life caravan?

Steven: It’s fun and exciting. We visit lots of other schools.

Nicole: How long have you been working at the life caravan for?

Coram Life Education Classroom

Steven: 6 to 7 months.

Nicole: Is it fun working at the life caravan?

Steven: YES because I work with Harold the giraffe.






Nicole: We will start doing some fun questions with you now. What’s your favourite animal and why?

Steven: Sharks because they’re good at what they do.

Nicole: What’s your favourite food?

giant white shark circling the divers in the water

Steven: Vegetable pizza.

Nicole: What is your favourite fizzy drink.

Steven: Blackcurrant and soda {lemon currant}

Nicole: Would you Rather lose your foot or your voice and why:

Steven: I would rather lose my foot because you can get a mechanical one.

Nicole: Is Harold funny and good to work with?

Steven: Sometimes…

Nicole: Is Harold cheeky sometimes?

Steven: Yes!

Nicole: What’s your favourite fruit?

Steven: Pineapple!!!!!!!

Nicole: In the North West, how many schools have the life caravan been to?

Steven: In the last year… 300!

Nicole: Don’t get overlooked, stay on the hook with the Nicole’s Interviews! {Don’t forget Evie Wi!!!}