The Nicole Interview – Mr. Hardcastle

The Best P.E Teacher Ever!!!

Mr.  Hardcastle’s Interview

Nicole: Hi. How are you today?

Mr. H: Good, thank you. What about you?

Nicole: I’m great thanks. But I’m meant to be asking the questions round here! Now, let’s get on with it. Is it good working at our school?

Mr. H: Yes because of the children’s’ behaviour {very good}, their attitude to learning is great and they are all eager to participate and put up their hands when I ask a question for a bonus point or maybe to even be a team captain.

Nicole: Do all the children behave?

Mr. H: In general, yes, most of the time.

Nicole: What’s your favourite topic to teach?

Mr. H: Striking and fielding like rounders, cricket and kick rounders because we play it in the sun.

Nicole: We are going to go onto some fun questions now…


Nicole: What is your favourite animal?

Mr. H: A rhino






Nicole: What is your favourite food?

Mr. H: Nando’s, I have to have it at least once a week.

Nicole: Now, time for our signature question…Would you rather lose your foot or your voice and why?

Mr. h; Oooh, that’s a tricky one…Probably my voice because I could still teach using things like sign language or I could use a whiteboard and because I could still play footie {football}.

Nicole: What is your favourite drink?

Mr. H: Lucozade and I have it most mornings to wake me up.

Nicole: Thanks for coming.

Mr. H: Well, thanks for having me!


Well that’s all from us…

Don’t get overlooked,Stay on the hook!!!