Sports Day practice

Sports Day Practice

Friday 7th June

The Sports Day Practice always happens before the official Sports Day with Wigan Warriors. The day itself is on the 18th I think but the practice happens a week before. It’s just for us to know and get used to the activities on Sports Day. This is enough for the introduction and I hope you enjoy this extremely long blog.

A couple minutes after the bell, we got news that we’re practicing sports day activities. Most people didn’t bring their outdoor P.E. kit but they can do it in their own clothes. I was tasked of reporting the whole thing as I have a concussion and can’t do any sports. Initially, I thought it is going to be until break, so went along with it. Boy was I wrong.

We went outside after a little chat in our class and then bunch up in our lines. This was the juniors’ activities and the infants weren’t practising with us. Miss Smith and Mrs Howarth put us into three teams, 1, 2 and 3. Year 6 were setting up the equipment on the field. I went to my reporting spot in the Gazebo and Ellie was there too with her broken ankle. First, I reported Year 5 doing penalties with a group of Year 6’s. Mr Mann explained that there is three points of shooting, you start on red and work your way farther. A lot of people scored and some even scored from the farthest.

Then Year 3 started doing egg and spoon racing, Year 4 doing standing long jumps and Y5 doing penalties. Year 6 groups were helping the other classes with the activities.

Our Year 6 group started doing penalties and Year 5’s were the ball boys. Most of them scored but some didn’t make the cut. After this, the Year 5 started doing something else. It was over and under. Over and under is where one person at the front throws the ball over and the one behind catches and throws it through the legs. I looked right to see Year 4 using the balance beam (some benches in a line). Now the Year 5 groups are in a circle passing the ball clockwise. I call this clockwise pass. Year 3 are doing skipping rope racing as well. Then, the bell rang. The Sports Day Practice stopped immediately as people rushed to get their toast. I stopped in to read Harry Potter at break. After the fifteen minutes of break, we came back out to start it again. The classes went one by one to their required positions and we started. I was following Year 5 to their next activity by twisting my neck about 156 degrees. They were starting to do netball. Our netball is where you stand about two metres away from the net and you throw. If you hit the outer rim, you get 1 single, itty-bitty point. If you actually get it in, you get 2 points. As simple as that. Team 1 was starting throwing. All I heard was, 1 point, 1 point and so on. How hard is it to aim?! Anyway, I’m not sure who scored 2 points but I heard Mr Mann say that. Team 1 was now an empty box (not really but you know what I mean) and Team 2 was now ready. Again, same scenario, 1 point, 1 point. Some people didn’t even score! Mr Mann had the same feeling. He told everybody in Year 5 to actually AIM. Now, a lot of people were actually scoring points. Then, Team 3 went. They actually did okay. Now all has come to this, how many points does each team have. To my surprise, we didn’t get them. The next activity is what I call ‘bean bag throw’. It is basically 6 hoops (2 blue, 2 red, 2 yellow). The yellow has the most points, red the middle kind of points and the blue has the least points. Team 1 starts. Time to move away from Year 5 and move onto Year 4. They were doing my favourite sport, Tug of War. It is my favourite because I love being at the back and pulling my team to victory. In my opinion, it’s the best sport in sports day. Our tug of war based on the last time we did it, our class did girls vs girls, boys vs boys and finally boys and girls vs boys and girls. Team 2 for year 5 was now throwing. Also, if you miss you get 0 points. It was hard for people to get it in but they managed. It was now getting to the point that I didn’t know what to write as the groups were taking too long. Team 3 went for Year 5 and they did probably the best out of everybody. About 30 minutes after this, Year 5 did skipping rope racing and Sports Day Practice was finished.