Rounders Y5 vs Y6

Today, Y5 were greeted to a peculiar “lesson” on the board. That was Y5 vs Y6 rounders competition. The name says it all. About 4 hours into the school day, we got dressed and went outside. We saw Year 6 doing warm ups and setting up the bases. It was just like Mr Garvy’s version but with a few tweaks: You have to hit 4th base with your bat, and you had to run with the bat in your hand.

Year 5 were fielders first. Everybody spread out quite well, but some people were on one side, which made it a bit more difficult, but it was okay. It was a tough game, but some key people (Cameron, Mohammad, and Artur) were our only saviours for the first round.

When Year 5 were batting, they got mowed down like the Americans on D-Day. We had a great time playing rounders and hope that the competition goes well on Wednesday.

By Alfie and Antoni.