Phonics fun in the sun!

Reception class have really enjoyed their outdoor Letters and Sounds lesson. We went outside in the sunshine for a phonics water fight. All of the children were given some water balloons with words on to read before they could splat their balloon. Some of them had our high-frequency ‘tricky’ words on (the words that we need to learn off by heart) and the others had phase 3 words that we could sound out.
Super reading from all of the children! The children had lots of fun getting splashed in the sunshine.

“I can see the ‘ai’ sound.”

Tricky words – These are the words that we are learning off by heart.

“I can read the tricky words”

“I can read the words.”


“That was the best lesson ever!”

“I loved that!”

“I loved that phonics game.”

Phonics fun in the sun