Year 2 “Our Music Project “

This half term, Year Two have been working hard on a fantastic music project. We learnt a special poem all about the seasons and thought carefully about the different sounds that we would hear during each season. First of all, we made the sounds using different percussion instruments and practised making loud and soft sounds and creating different rhythms and beats.

Then we designed our own musical instruments that we could make with recycled rubbish to create the sounds of each season. We made our instruments, painted and decorated them, before practising making different sounds with them. Again, we tried to create our own rhythms with our own instruments. Some of our instruments could be blown, some strummed, some shook and some tapped. We were so good at designing instruments, that some of them could be played in more than one way!

Today, we practised playing our instruments and worked together in teams to create four compositions – one for each of the four seasons. We loved performing them for the class. Mrs Hilton was very proud of our hard work and Miss Whitley and Mrs Holliday loved hearing our performances too! Year Two are very creative indeed!