Year 5 have made Anderson Shelters!

For the past 3 weeks we have been focusing on Anderson Shelters from WWI. It has been a fun experience finding out about them. This is what we’ve done:

Week 1: In week 1 we learned and gathered information about them. There are many vital parts of an Anderson Shelter. This includes: dugouts duckboards fire steps; etc. We designed our shelters as well.

Week 2: Week 2 involved getting all the cardboard possible to create our shelters.

Week 3: Week 3 was construction week. We shared our cardboard with people who had none. People also shared glue. We spent 2 long hours huffing and puffing at fails but congratulating our well-earned achievements.

Facts: Anderson Shelters were built during WWI and WWII by people who were affected by bombs. The ideal shelter was a dome with an underground apartment for protection. They were easy to get to considering they were in back yards. This was so they could get to easily when attacked. Sandbags were placed outside for extra protection. They were basically the same as houses but not in as good of condition.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. By Alfie Hart McGrath and Spencer Horton.