Nicole’s Interview – Mrs Ryding’s Interview!

Nicole: Hello Mrs Ryding, how are you?

Mrs Ryding: I am very well today.

Nicole: We have a few questions to ask you?

Mrs Ryding: OK

Nicole: How long have you been a Headteacher for?

Mrs Ryding: 17 ½ years.

Nicole: What is it like being a head teacher?

Mrs Ryding: You’re very busy and responsible.

Nicole: What’s the best thing about it?

Mrs Ryding: The children.

Nicole: How do the children behave?

Mrs Ryding: Really well.

Nicole: We are going to start asking you some fun questions now. What’s your favourite food?

Mrs Ryding: Chocolate.

Nicole: What’s your favourite drink?

Aoife helping Nicole

Mrs Ryding: Coca-Cola.

Nicole: Who’s your favourite singer?

Mrs Ryding: George Michael, Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake.

Nicole: What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re bored?

Mrs Ryding: Sleep and play music.

Nicole: What’s your favourite TV programme?

Mrs Ryding: This is us (American)

Nicole: What’s your favourite animal?

Mrs Ryding: Puppies and kittens.

Nicole: Would you rather lose your foot or your voice and why?

Mrs Ryding: My foot because I can get a mechanical one.

Nicole: Who’s your favourite actor?

Mrs Ryding: Damian Lewis.

Nicole: Thank you for being here.

Mrs Ryding : You’re welcome!

Nicole: Don’t get over looked, stay on the hook, with the Nicole’s Interviews.

{ Don’t forget Evie Wi! who helped type and Aoife who helped with the interview }