Mexico Day In Year Two

On Thursday we came to school in Mexican clothes and I wore a blanket (poncho). Yesterday we had so much fun making our colourful piñatas! Some people got PVA glue all up their arms and I loved peeling off the glue. Then we did a funny Mexican dance called the Mexican Hat Dance. It made me really dizzy! We had to put our hands behind our back. After dinner it was time to make the Mexican food and I liked punching the sticky dough! We let it rise for 20 minutes and then we rolled it in to balls. Then we let left it for 10 minutes again. After that we used a rolling pin to roll the bread flat. Next it was time to eat and I loved the tasty tortilla bread and the cheesy nachos. Sadly we didn’t do the piñatas because it was raining. I can’t wait till today when we break the piñatas!

By Oliver

Please enjoy looking at our many photos from a wonderful day!