Low Bank Ground (Mr Mann’s Group)

On Monday, 5th February, 2018 Year 6 visited Low Bank Ground (LBG). There were 3 groups and we were in Mr Mann and Miss Dawber’s group. We set off at approximately 9:20 am and arrived at 11:30 am. Everyone was so excited when we got off the coach. First, we went into the meeting room and got told our rooms and groups. After that, we ate our lunch and went to get ready for our first activity. Our first activity was climbing up a mountain (The Bell). It took one to two hours to finally get to the top. Once we got there, we could see Mrs Gaskell’s group canoeing and very faintly we could see Blackpool Tower in the distance. The view was absolutely outstanding, we could see snowy mountains and Lake Coniston. One of our favourite activities was kayaking because after we got out of our kayaks we played in the frozen practice lake. Here are some more of the activities we did:
* Ghyll scrambling
* Canoeing
* Self-led Walk
* Orienteering
* Mines and Cathedral Cavern
* Shelter Building

The accommodation and food was brilliant. The food was made by Vilma, Gretna and Sue. Our favourite breakfast was bacon barms. Our favourite lunch was pizza. Although the food was amazing, the rooms were even better. There were two buildings called Highfield and Rough Close. We recommend coming to this wonderful place.

By Maisie, Lana, Alex, Carys, Harry and Emily