Nicole from Year 5 will be conducting interviews with people in our community, here is this weeks


NICOLE: Aoife, I hear you broke your arm and have currently got your cast off.

AOIFE: Yes! I have! It’s been two weeks since I got it off. It’s been incredible!

NICOLE: What hobbies do you enjoy? Why do you like them?

AOIFE: I enjoy rock climbing but I also like sewing and knitting. I like them because they are relaxing and adventurous.

NICOLE: Tell me about your school.

AOIFE: I’m currently in year 5 and am enjoying school so far. I loved doing the buzzer tangles in year 4.

NICOLE: Tell me something exciting you have done in any class Aoife.

AOIFE: I’ve enjoyed making hydraulic Santa’s in Year 4, it was super FUN.

NICOLE: Well that’s it for the week. From Nicole’s Interviews. Don’t get overlooked, come on the hook!!! Thanks for reading. BYE.