Hindu Week

During the last week of the term, the whole school enjoyed learning all about the Hindu faith.

On Wednesday 22nd May, we welcomed Indri to our school who taught us all about the Hindu faith. We said hello to each other and he taught us about the Om symbol. Each class had a session where they dressed up as Hindu Gods, learnt a Hindu dance and leant how to wear a sari. We looked at important artefacts such as the diva lamp, prayer beads and the shrine. Thank you to Indri for such a fun day.On Thursday 24th May, we welcomed a Hindu artist who worked with KS2 to create a print of various symbols such as the cow, Om and Ganesh. We really enjoyed using the different inks to create prints.During the rest of the week, all classes learnt about the Hindu faith in their lessons and found it very interesting.Our work from Hindu week will be displayed at the school entrance. Please take a look next time you visit school!