Happy Birthday Sacred Heart!

Read our recounts of the Sacred Heart Party last week:

Last Friday, 17th May, it was the school’s 20th birthday so we wore our own clothes. When I went to class I wore my jeans and my black hoody. After lunch we went in to the hall for our fun party. When we went into the incredible party hall we played musical statues and corners. My favourite game was corners because I was second place but Neve won. After the party we went outside to eat our delicious picnic on the amazing field and the food was a fairy cake, a sausage roll, a chocolate roll, crisps and juice. When I was eating my lovely picnic I was next to my best friend Louis. Me and Louis were talking about Fortnite while we were eating our lovely picnic. When I was eating the weather was kind of windy so it blew my rubbish away and I needed to get it. While we were waiting for our picnic food we did a Mexican wave. Kindly, Edith and Hashmat picked all the rubbish up. After the picnic we got our stuff and went home. It was an amazing day!

By Caleb

On Friday 17th May we were wearing our own clothes because it was Sacred Heart’s birthday! First of all everybody looked stunning in their own clothes. I wore my favourite black boots and t-shirt with a football on it. I felt excited because I wanted the party to begin but we needed to go in assembly. After dinner we went in the hall with Reception and Year One to have our party¬†games. We played incredible games that were fun and exciting while the juniors were playing games in their classes. First we played musical statues. I tried very hard but I didn’t win. Ava did brilliant at being still so she won the first prize. Next we all had fun playing corners. I did very badly. After some time we went outside to our lovely, green field to wait for our delicious food. While we were waiting we tried to do a Mexican Wave. First of all when we tried,¬†we did bad but then we got better. When I got my food I was starving so I ate it all up! Amazingly, I ate some crunchy crisps, a delicious sausage, a wonderful fairy cake, a tasty chocolate roll and fresh juice. Kindly, Edith and Hashmat got all the litter so it wasn’t on our lovely field. After that we all went home and I told my mum all about the picnic. It was a great day at Sacred Heart!

By Adam