Haigh Hall

On Thursday, 8th February Y5 went to Haigh hall to do orienteering. We met Brian and Gabriela they taught us which way was north so we could find a block of wood with a letter on and a symbol. They put us in three groups there were 8, 9 and 9. One group had Miss Smith, another had Mrs Howarth and the last had Gabriela. My group had 8 or 9 people we were with Gabriela we set off at 10:33am we found our first symbol at the lion boulder. We got to the train track and our shoes were really muddy because we had just gone into the squelchy mud, most people in my group had to get their shoes back on because they had came off. When we found all the symbols, Gabriela took us upto a big hill and said you have to get  back to the dinner room but you can’t wonder off or we can’t go down it anymore. We only got back down because we used teamwork. We got back two seconds after the other team got there. We went and got our dinner then the other team joined us. We went to the park for 20 minutes then went back to school.

By Abbie Hilton and Summer Heaton.