Glitter Germs, Exercise Experiments and Lots of Science Fun!

In Year Two this week, we have been learning all about Animals including Humans. We have learnt a lot about how different types of animals are born, what different types of animals there are and what different types of animals need.

Towards the end of the week, we have learnt lots about the human body and how we can help to keep the human body healthy by eating and drinking the right foods, exercising plenty and being hygienic. We learnt all about the different food groups that our body needs for different things.

Today, we completed a fun, science investigation to test how germs spread and how we can best clean them off our hands. We learnt a song to help us to remember how to wash our hands properly to keep them germ free! Our favourite part of the experiment was putting the glitter germs onto our hands with the sticky lotion! We loved getting all messy! We then touched surfaces and door handles around us to see how the germs spread! We were surprised to see the different coloured germs mix together when we shook and held hands!!

Our observation skills were amazing! We learnt how to use a magnifying glass correctly, not holding it too close to our eyes. We were able to observe lots of changes during the experiment! When we wiped our ‘germy’ hands with a paper towel, we didn’t observe much change – there were still lots of germs on there!

What about cold water?

Still not much changed! Some germs were removed, but our hands were still very, VERY glittery!

I’m sure you’ve guessed it……..

WARM, SOAPY water worked best! We used our song to help us to wash our hands in the best possible way! We were super, soapy investigators this morning!

This afternoon, we thought about the exercise that our body needs to stay in tip-top shape! We planned some different exercises to test the effect that they had on our body and recorded some of the changes that happened. We could definitely feel our hearts pumping quickly and our bodies getting warmer as we completed our five minute exercise challenge!

We’re definitely read for a rest after our very busy day! We hope everyone has a restful, relaxing half term break!

Year Two Class