Fun and Festivities in Year Two!

We have had a very fun and busy week in Year 2! We have created lots of Christmas craft and cards for our families and our penpals at Sunning Hill Primary, Bolton. We had lots of fun making Christmas decorations, even if we did get a little bit messy with the paints and the glitter!!


In R.E, we learnt all about the Advent wreath and what all of its symbols mean. We completed some beautiful work. We also wrote lists of all of the ways that we can prepare for Christmas time while exploring our new R.E topic. Look at our lovely work and displays:

We learnt that Advent is a time to lovingly prepare for Jesus’ coming. Everyday, we have been collecting acts of kindness in class for our Class Advent Calendar. We are trying very hard to be kind to each other to open our hearts to Jesus. We learnt that Jesus is the light of the world who guides us through darkness and shows us the way. We made Advent candles to remember that Jesus, the Light of the World, is the most special gift at Christmas. Look at our amazing efforts on display:

Finally, we learnt all about the Nativity story. We remembered retelling the story through our acting and singing in Church. We enjoyed remembering the songs that we had sung. We then retold the story in our own words using lots of the similes and adjectives that we have learnt in our English lessons this term. Can you believe how wonderful our writing is?

Yesterday, we had our Party Day in class! We all loved listening to Christmas music, playing Christmas party games and singing to Christmas carols! We even had a visit from a very special guest…..SANTA!!!!! What a fun day we have had together!

We hope that looking our pictures and reading about our work has filled you with Christmas joy! There is lots of it in Year Two! We wish everybody a Happy and Holy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!


All of the Children and Staff in Year Two Class