Faith In Action Raffle

As part of Faith In Action, we held a raffle for KS1 and KS2 to raise money for CAFOD.The prizes were a teddy bear if they correctly guessed the name of the bear. There was also an opportunity to win a sweets hamper if they correctly guessed how much pasta was in the jar. Every day, we collected guesses in the playground and many children donated money.

Jack Dowling in Y6 won the sweets hamper with a close guess of 375 pasta in the jar, the actual answer was 353. Well done Jack!

Lucy Crossley from Y5 won the KS2 teddy. Florence Lowe in Y1 and  Eden Devers in Reception won the KS1 teddies.

We had lots of guesses from many children and altogether raised £75.00! With this, we have been able to purchase many world gifts! We have purchased a queen bee, a vegetable garden, trees for life, teaching someone to read, toiletries and water for a family.

Thank you to everybody for all the donations and we are so happy with how much we have been able to help those in need. We will make a huge difference.