Faith In Action Award Ceremony

On Monday night, the Faith in Action group attended the Award Ceremony for all our hard work at Lowe House in St Helens.

The ceremony started at 6pm and we sang lots of songs with actions. The Archbishop Malcolm Mahon spoke to us and then began to present the awards starting with the Pin Level going all the way up to Gold. There were lots and lots of schools there with their parents and the church was full, it was great to see so many people there and children who have achieved so highly in their award.

Our school’s name was then called and our individual names were read out. We then went up to shake hands with Archbishop Malcolm McMahon and received our badge and certificate, which will be presented in assembly on Friday. We felt very proud of ourselves and everyone applauded us.

We also got our books back with all our work in and a moderator had written on a sheet all about the things that they liked in our work. It was nice to read such great comments about all our hard work.

We look forward to continuing the award in high school and will hopefully be there to receive our Bronze, Silver and Gold award over the next few years!