Chess Club

McKenzie and I run a club called Chess Club for Y5 only. We play chess and checkers and it runs on Friday at 12:40pm. We have a sign up at the start of the year and then we create groups of who will do chess each week and that way it is fair. Unluckily, some of the Y5’s have jobs on Fridays and unfortunately can’t attend because of their job. We try our best to let everyone who wants to join but sometimes it isn’t possible. We have a teacher for supervision called Ms. G. We really enjoy the opportunity to play and run a sport that we can play all year round. We are glad that McKenzie started this idea for the running in Y3. It is in the winter because in the summer everybody wants to play outside in the heat. Thank you to Mrs Ryding for allowing us to hold this club in school. It is known to be the first chess club in the whole school. I think I can speak for all of us when I say it is something that helps us with both plans and maths. Commonly, people play with a timer. Chess is a quiet game. People come to learn and appreciate that we try our best to teach all the people who wish to be taught.

Most chess boards are very different. The pieces are very different too. The pieces are; The King, the Queen, the Bishop, the Knight {the horse figure}, the Castle and the Pawns. The Pawns can move 2 spaces on their first go {optional} but can only move 1 step on the rest [can only move forward]. The Castle stands at either end of the board and each side has 2 each, they can move forward, sideways and backward but can’t move all or two of them each turn. The knight [horse figure] can either move 2 steps forward and 1 step either right or left or 1 step forward and 2 steps either left or right. The bishop can only move diagonally but can go both forwards and backwards ways. The Queen is the main source of defence and can move as if she were any other player/figure. The King is very important, you need to protect or you lose. We believe that everyone should have a fair chance so we monitor the games carefully and make the 1 vs. 1 player{s} are together based on peoples abilities, we hope that people can have an interest in chess as well as other sport; we hope that they can learn and will practise. We believe chess is getting less and less popular and would like to begin another time when people will play chess and checkers. We hope that this inspires other families and children to play and start more chess and checker clubs in their school and play more at home. Thank you for your time and attention to read this.

Chess Club Leaders,
Aoife Anderson and McKenzie Riley