Catalyst Discovery Science Museum

Last Friday, 9th February, 2018, Year 3 embarked on a journey to the interactive Science Museum in Runcorn. What should have been a 40 minutes coach journey turned in to an hour and three quarters journey due to road works approaching the motorway. The children’s behaviour on the coach (and throughout the whole day) was impeccable.

Thankfully we were the only school booked in that day so we were able still to complete all the activities that we had booked in advance. To start the day, we looked at and handled different properties of rocks and matched the rock to the correct name, before investigating volcanoes and making our own eruptions using baking soda and vinegar. After investigating rocks, we moved into the theatre to recap the work on ‘Light’ we had completed in school before Christmas. We all enjoyed putting on the special ‘light’ glasses where we were able to split white light into the different colours of the rainbow. It was amazing.

Lunchtime arrived and we moved into the dining hall. The children ate their lunch whilst chatting about what they had done that morning and what they were expecting next.

It was time for the last session – I am a Scientist. The children all dressed up in lab coats, wore protective goggles and worked with different alkalis and acids. Working in pairs, the children sorted the clear liquids after adding a special mixture which turned them into different shades of red (acid) or purple (alkali).

Finally, it was time to get back on the coach and make our way home. We arrived back at school, a little later than the coach driver had said, at the same time as the children returning from the lakes. 2 coaches of children arriving home safely from wonderful visits.

Thank you to all the staff who attended the day. Thank you the children for their exemplary behaviour and being good ambassadors of our school.