Butterflies in Reception

The children in reception have loved watching our caterpillars turn into butterflies. We have been learning about the life cycle of butterflies. For two weeks, we watched our tiny caterpillars grow into much bigger and very hairy caterpillars. We waited patiently for a week while they were in their chrysalis. On Wednesday, the children were extremely excited to come into school to see that one butterfly had emerged from the chrysalis. Over the next two days, the children watched with fascination as all five butterflies emerged and begun to flap their wings. We fed the butterflies segments of oranges and made some fantastic observations of them. This afternoon, we took them onto our field and waved goodbye as they flew away. The children have remembered some brilliant vocabulary and interesting facts about the life cycle! We have been amazed by the children’s observations, knowledge and care they have shown.

Keep a look out for our Painted Lady butterflies.

We are retelling the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.

“It’s a Painted Lady. I think it likes me. It doesn’t want to fly away.”

“Bye butterflies”

“Look how much the caterpillars have grown!”

“They get nectar from flowers.”

“It’s sipping the juice from the orange.”

Bye bye butterflies

“It’s in my hand.”

“Three have turned into butterflies. Two are still in their chrysalis. I can see the orange wings through the chrysalis. I think it will be ready soon.”