ART WEEK – Just remember, the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart.

Art Week

This week, all across school, we have focused our excited creative minds into our art work!

On Tuesday, an amazing animation artist called Paul came into school to work with Year 2-6.

Year 2- created a drawing, in perspective, of the boy from the Polar Express. They then learnt how to make it look 3D.

Year  3- Learnt to draw the Polar Express itself and Father Christmas. They then learnt how to effectively paint it in water colours.

Year 4- Learnt how to draw the Polar Express too. They learnt a clever technique to make it look like the Polar Express was coming straight at you.

Year 5- Were taught a many layered technique to create the crazy Christmas elves.

Year 6- Learnt how to draw the scenery that the Polar Express passed. They used a clever technique to make it look 3D.

Then on Thursday we had a very successful Art Gallery. Parents were invited to view the hard work and potentially buy their child’s art work.

Thank you so much to everyone involved! The week was a big success and the children learn lots of important new skills.