Art Week in Year Two!

What a special week we have had in Year Two! We started off the week by learning about Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting. We looked at the techniques, shapes and colours that Van Gogh used and tried to create our own chalk pastel, starry night background for our Christmas cards.

 We were really pleased with our results!

We then used what we had learned to create starry night backgrounds for the Polar Express, which we were going to do a whole Art project about for our school gallery. Once again, we loved smudging the pastels to blend the colours and created some beautiful art work!

On Tuesday, Paul the artist came to visit us from the Turnpike Gallery. He taught us lots about drawing, shading and the different lines and shapes that you can use in a drawing. We spent a lot of time sketching and adding detail and shading to our pictures of the boy from the Polar Express and our hard work definitely paid off!

On Thursday, we were so excited to put our Art work on display in our own school gallery! Miss Whitley and Mrs Holliday were so proud of us all!