Another Great Day in Year Two

On Friday, we had another fun-filled day in Year Two. In maths, we have been learning all about Capacity, so we used our knowledge of measures to mix some truly disgusting potions based on the book George’s Marvellous Medicene. We love reading Roald Dahl in Year Two and, after reading the book, we couldn’t wait to think of some terrible ingredients that we could mix together. We had to measure really carefully, looking closely at the numbers on the scales to make sure we used exactly the right amount of mililitres of each of our awful ingredients.

Our marvellous medicene potions were truly repulsive!


In our English work, we have been learning all about the Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson. We looked really carefully at the settings that the Snail and the Whale visited to write some beautiful setting descriptions on Friday.

Look at some of our fantastic writing. We worked really hard to use lots of adjectives, expanded noun phrases and similes:

In the afternoon, we practised blending lots of different shades of the same colours to paint the scenes from the Snail and the Whale. We had to observe the illustrations really carefully to see which colours would mix together to make the blues of the sea and the sky.

Look at our masterpieces:

Friday was just another fun-filled day in Year Two! We can’t wait to see what we learn this week!