A Busy Morning at Haigh Hall!

On Friday, Year Two had a wonderful, wintery morning at Haigh Hall Country Park. In Geography, we have been learning all about our local town so we visited Haigh Hall to see some of the human and physical landmarks in our local area. Year Two were fantastic at spotting the features from the viewpoint and saying whether they were human or physical. When we arrived, we were all really excited to see a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the courtyard. It was lovely to see the twinkling lights and the Christmas decorations in all the shops!

We then went on a woodland walk around the grounds of Haigh Hall and were excited to spot lots of cute squirrels hopping around in the trees. We spent ages pointing them out to our friends and watching them play. It was a beautiful morning and we enjoyed talking about the colours of the leaves and the different habitats that animals might like to live in.

Our walk ended at the enormous Hall. It was here that we found the viewpoint, where we could see for miles around. Looking really carefully, we could spot the motorway, the distant hills, a football stadium, factories and even a church. We spent some time creating symbols for a key for our very own symbol maps of the area.

After a while, it became quite windy and a little chilly, so we walked back to the courtyard where we had our break time snack on the benches and drew our maps. Before it was time to go, we returned back to the woods, where we decided to tell our story, “Bear Stays Up” in a wood that looked a bit like the place where Bear’s story took place. We loved performing our story in the woods and even had a little audience! After a little wait for the coach, we headed back to school ready for our dinner! What a busy, fun-filled morning we had!